On Developing a Novel Versatile Framework for Heterogeneous Home Monitoring WSN networks





Ambient Assisted Living, Home Monitoring, Wireless Sensor Networks, Bluetooth, IEEE 802.15.4


The ability to deploy efficient and versatile WSN networks in the home environment is and will remain in the years to come a cornerstone objective in wireless networking. Respective services are continuously expanding requiring novel design and implementation approaches able to cover all relative present and even more importantly future requirements. This paper aims to present and convey knowledge and experience gained from such an effort in the context of home monitoring. Respective discussion covers all relative aspects and analyzes all critical challenges addressed ranging from identification and specification of the main requirements, to possible implementation approaches considered and finally the actual development undertaken. The final outcome considering the WSN home monitoring infrastructure as well as extracted knowledge and practical conclusions can be proven useful for further extending such an endeavour or even pursuing a different approach.


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Antonopoulos CP, Panagiotakopoulos T, Panagiotou C, Touliatos G, Koubias S, Kameas A, Voros NS. On Developing a Novel Versatile Framework for Heterogeneous Home Monitoring WSN networks. EAI Endorsed Trans Perv Health Tech [Internet]. 2015 May 18 [cited 2024 Jun. 16];1(1):e4. Available from: https://publications.eai.eu/index.php/phat/article/view/1364