A Big Data Survey on Lower Extremity Injuries and Prevention of Athletic Students in General Colleges and Universities


  • Yunxiang Shang Physical Education and Competitive Training Department Shanxi Institute of Technology, Yangquan 045000, Shanxi, China




general college, track and field students, lower limb injury and prevention, extensive data survey


INTRODUCTION: Athletics is trendy; many events rely heavily on lower body coordination. With the development of track and field, lower extremity injuries in track and field also occur frequently. In general colleges and universities, lower limb injuries in track and field not only affect students' physical and mental health but also affect students' daily life and Training.

OBJECTIVES: This paper examines the causes of lower limb injuries in students and suggests measures and recommendations for preventing lower limb injuries to increase the importance of lower limb injuries and reduce the rate of lower limb injuries in students.

METHODS: Combined with big data, the linear regression model was used, along with the literature method, questionnaire survey method and logical analysis method, to investigate the lower limb injuries of track and field students in general colleges and universities and analyze the survey results.

RESULTS: The following points were summarized: the lower limb injury rate of track and field students was as high as 79.03%, mainly focusing on ankles, followed by knees and joints; joint sprains dominated lower limb injuries, and the degree of injuries mainly was mild to moderate; the main factors affecting lower limb injuries included preparatory activities, technical movements, physical fitness and self-protection awareness; and the students did not have enough knowledge of and paid enough attention to the prevention of injuries.

CONCLUSION: The research in this paper can provide some references for more track and field students to help them have better careers.


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