Autism Spectrum Disorder Classification Using Machine Learning and Deep Learning- A Survey




ASD, CNN, Machine Learning, DBN


Modern, highly developed technology has impacted reputable procedures in the medical and healthcare industries. Smart healthcare prediction to the senior sick patient is not only for quick access to data but also to get dependable treatment in an accurate prediction by healthcare service provider. smart health prediction helps in the identification of numerous diseases. Based on patient experience, Deep learning technology provides a robust application space in the medical sector for health disease prediction problems by applying deep learning techniques to analyze various symptoms. In order to classify things and make precise predictions about diseases, deep learning techniques are utilized. people's health will be more secure, medical care will be of a higher caliber, and personal information will be kept more secret. As deep learning algorithms become more widely used to construct an interactive smart healthcare prediction and evaluation model on the basis of the deep learning model, CNN is upgraded. Advanced deep learning algorithms combined with multi-mode approaches and resting-state functional magnetic resonance represent an innovative approach that researchers have taken. A DL structure for the programmed ID ASD using highlights separated from the corpus callosum and cerebrum volume from the Stand dataset is proposed. Imaging is used to reveal hidden diseased brain connectome patterns to find diagnostic and prognostic indicators.


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