Telemedicine and eHealth Solutions in Clinical Practice




Telemedicine, mHealth, Mobile Health, Pervasive Health


Introduction: Over the past decade, telemedicine and mobile health have experienced significant growth, becoming essential tools for healthcare in an increasingly digitized world. This research focuses on exploring how these technologies have improved the accessibility, efficiency and quality of healthcare, despite challenges related to data security and equity of access, with the aim of understanding their impact and potential in modern healthcare.

Methods: a PubMed search was performed using the keywords "Telemedicine" and "mHealth" to find relevant studies on its application in clinical practice, with inclusion criteria covering articles in Spanish and English published between 2018 and 2023, freely available. The PRISMA workflow was followed to review and synthesize key findings and trends in this field.

Result: the contribution of countries such as China, Australia and the United States in telemedicine and mobile health, with a focus on cardiovascular diseases and metabolic disorders, is highlighted. The positive impact on chronic diseases, mental health, physical activity and treatment adherence is highlighted, but the need to adapt interventions and lack of COVID-19 studies is emphasized.

Conclusions: Telemedicine addresses a variety of pathologies, focusing on chronic diseases, with China leading in contributions. eHealth seeks to improve health outcomes and reduce the burden of disease.


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