Big data-analysis, map reduced framework, security & privacy challenges and techniques in health sector




Big Data, Data Analytics, Map Reduced Framework, Privacy, Security


INTRODUCTION: Data is increasing exponentially. Data processing is an essential component in all industries, including health care. Even though a lot of progress has been made, it has been noted that in the recent decade, the health industry is capable of efficiently utilizing data and providing perfect Advancements in therapies.

OBJECTIVES: the main objectives include of finding the right problems in the security systems and to review the methods of present data processing methods.

METHODS: Methods involved are Quantitive analysis, Descriptive analysis, Data cleaning and Extraction.

RESULTS: The outputs of the reduce function are combined across all reducer nodes to produce the final output.

CONCLUSION: Big data analytics has enormous potential to accelerate the health care industry and that can only be done with some innovative methods and security plays a crucial role and can be a good catalyst in the user experience elements.


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