Analysis and Improvement of the Application of Playground Sports Posture Detection Technology in Physical Education Teaching and Training


  • Jie Xu Jiangxi Technical College of Manufacturing



sports posture detection, physical education and training, snow melting optimisation algorithm, deep extreme learning machine



INTORDUCTION: The goal of human posture detection technology applied in the field of sports is to realise the indexing of sports norms, to provide scientific guidance for training and teaching, which is of great significance to improve the quality of sports.

OBJECITVES: Aiming at the problems of incomplete features, low accuracy and low real-time performance of sports posture detection and recognition methods.

METHODS: In this paper, a method of sports pose detection based on snow melting heuristic optimisation algorithm of deep limit learning machine network is proposed. Firstly, by analyzing the process of motion pose detection, extracting the feature coordinates of Blaze-Pose and Blaze-Hands key nodes, and constructing the motion pose detection recognition system; then, optimizing the parameters of the deep extreme learning machine network through the snow-melt optimization algorithm, and constructing the motion pose detection recognition model; finally, through simulation experiments and analysis, the accuracy of the proposed method's motion pose detection recognition can reach 95% and the recognition time is less than 0.01 s.

RESULTS: The results show that the proposed method improves the recognition accuracy precision, robustness and real-time performance.

CONCLUSION: The problem of poor generalisation, low accuracy and insufficient real-time performance of the recognition application of the motion pose detection and recognition method is solved.


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