An Innovative approach to Improve the Quality of Pharmaceuticals approach using Cloud Computing


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  • D Rajalakshmi SRM Institute of Science and Technology image/svg+xml
  • P S Immaculate Sri Sai Ram Institute of Technology
  • B Sathianarayani Einstein College of Engineering
  • S Rajeswari K. Ramakrishnan College of Engineering
  • S Gomathi Sri Sairam Engineering College



Azure, Cloud, IoT, Pharmaceutical, SAP


INTRODUCTION: Pharmaceuticals evolve alongside advancing technology driven by ongoing research and pharmaceutical companies’ production of new medications. Ongoing research and adjustment are necessary for various aspects of the pharmaceutical sector, such as patient understanding, drug testing, manufacturing, and communication of complex concepts through technology.

OBJECTIVES: This paper discusses the intersection of cloud computing, technological advancements, and healthcare applications.

METHODS: The Azure Cloud facilitates data processing, customer and patient engagement, employee and care team empowerment, clinical and operational optimisation, and healthcare digital transformation in the pharmaceutical industry. The integration of Microsoft Azure cloud technologies inside the pharmaceutical industry is examined in this research. RESULTS: Analysing how Internet of Things (IoT) sensors and the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) are used in pharmaceutical manufacturing and logistics, benefits in drug research, production monitoring and supply chain optimisation are highlighted.

CONCLUSION: Cloud computing's potential to facilitate General Data Protection Regulation compliance, improve security, and promote innovation is explored.


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