A Review on the Importance of Machine Learning in the Health-Care Domain





Machine Learning, Health-Care, Patients, Deep Learning, Natural Language Processing


INTRODUCTION: An analysis of the convergence of blockchain and artificial intelligence (AI) technology demonstrates how these technologies can work together to revolutionize data management across a wide range of industries with their synergistic potential.

OBJECTIVES: This paper discusses the integration of blockchain and artificial intelligence, the authors present an innovative framework that takes advantage of their strengths. As a result of blockchain's immutability and transparency, data can be securely stored and shared within this framework, making it ideal for sectors such as healthcare, finance, and supply chain.

METHODS: To begin with, the paper discusses blockchain and artificial intelligence individually, emphasizing their respective advantages in decentralized data storage and intelligent decision-making. Blockchain-AI convergence is inevitable as both deal with data and value.

RESULTS: As a result, the research paper highlights how blockchain and AI technologies can be transformed into transformative technologies.

CONCLUSION: Using the synergistic framework presented in this paper, data management can be made more secure, transparent, and intelligent, with implications that go beyond traditional industries into emerging fields like the Internet of Things (IoT) and smart cities.


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