Enhancing Health Product Traceability on the Blockchain: A Novel Approach for Supply Chain Management inspection to AI





AI, Blockchain, Smart Contracts, Traceability


INTRODUCTION: Blockchain technology is being investigated as a viable solution due to the industry's growing requirement for accountability and traceability. This study describes a fresh method for tracking down medical products that makes use of a decentralised smart contract network set up on the Ethereum blockchain. In order to enable secure and auditable tracking of health products throughout their lifecycle, the suggested system, named "HealthProductTraceability," makes use of the transparency and immutability of blockchain.

OBJECTIVES: The system uses a "Product" struct to hold pertinent data such the product name, batch number, temperature, producer, and distributors. To quickly get product information depending on the batch number, a mapping is used. The use of tools to manufacture items, send them to distributors, and market them is one significant contribution of this research.By demanding validation tests, such as verifying that batch numbers are unique and exist before carrying out certain activities, these functions protect the integrity of the traceability system.

METHODS: In order to enable interested parties to track the product's travel and temperature changes, the system additionally emits events for product manufacture, distribution, and temperature adjustments. The suggested system is innovative because it can track the temperature of health items from beginning to end on a decentralised, open platform.

RESULTS: By utilising blockchain technology, the system lessens reliance on centralised authorities, fosters stakeholder trust, and minimises the likelihood of fraud, forgery, and tampering in the supply chain for health products. The contract's architecture recognises some of the issues with blockchain technology, including scalability and privacy. By investigating solutions like sidechains, off-chain transactions, and enhancements to consensus methods, scalability issues are solved.

CONCLUSION: In summary, the suggested HealthProductTraceability system offers a creative and practical solution to the traceability issues facing the health product sector. The solution provides improved transparency, security, and accountability by utilising blockchain technology, paving the path for a more dependable and trustworthy health product supply chain. To increase the system's usefulness and adoption in real-world circumstances, further research can investigate scalability and privacy issues.


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