Designing and Analysing an APP based on "Internet+" for Integrating Health Data of University Physical Classes


  • Shuaishuai Zhang Physical Education School of Jining University, Qufu 273155, Shangdong, China. / International College of Philippine Christian University, Manila1004, Manila, Philippines.
  • Gang Chen School of Arts and Sports Nanchang Normal College of Applied Technology, Nanchang 330000, Jiangxi, China. / International College of Philippine Christian University, Manila1004, Manila, Philippines.



health data integration app, internet+, vulture search algorithm, convolutional neural network


INTRODUCTION: University physical education programs still largely use traditional methods without significant innovation in teaching or health evaluation. With the growing capabilities of Internet technology and artificial intelligence, there's a critical need to leverage these advancements to enhance the physical health assessments of college students.
OBJECTIVES: The study proposes an integrated APP design for health data collection and analysis both inside and outside physical education classes, utilizing Internet technologies and intelligent learning algorithms. This is aimed at precisely analyzing and improving the health outcomes of university students by fostering more tailored and responsive physical education experiences..
METHODS: The method involves constructing an app design analysis index system, integrating a vulture search heuristic optimization algorithm with a convolutional neural network (CNN). This setup uses smart sports APP behavioral data as input to refine and optimize health data integration, aiming to enhance the analysis and feedback mechanisms within university sports programs.
RESULTS: The implementation of this method showed that it meets real-time requirements while significantly improving the accuracy and efficiency of integrated APP design analyses for health data. The use of smart algorithms allows for more precise adjustments and feedback in physical education programs, suggesting a substantial improvement over traditional physical health monitoring and evaluation methods.
CONCLUSION: The proposed APP design successfully integrates and analyzes health data, enhancing the management and evaluation of physical education programs. It represents a significant step forward in utilizing modern technology to address the stagnation in physical education health monitoring, with potential implications for broader educational and health management practices in universities. Future iterations of the APP could incorporate more diverse data inputs and advanced analytical features to further refine its effectiveness and usability.


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