Remote medical video region tamper detection system based on Wireless Sensor Network


  • Sujuan Li College of Electronic Information Engineering, Hebi Polytechnic,Hebi 458030,China
  • Shichen Huang College of Information Science and Engineering, Hunan Normal University, Changsha 410081, China



Wireless sensor network, Telemedicine, Video area, Tampering detection system, Sensor nodes, Suspicious movement point


INTRODUCTION: A new telemedicine video tamper detection system based on wireless sensor network is proposed and designed in this paper.

OBJECTIVES: This work is proposed to improve the performance of telemedicine video communication and accurately detect the tamper area in telemedicine video.

METHODS: The sensor nodes in the sensing layer are responsible for collecting telemedicine video information and transmitting the information to the data layer. The data layer completes the storage of information and transmits it to the processing layer. The detection module of the processing layer detects the tampered area of the telemedicine video through two parts: suspicious moving point calculation and tamper detection, and transmits the detection results to the application display layer for display.

RESULTS: The experimental results show that the designed detection system can accurately detect the tampered area in the telemedicine video, and the packet loss rate is significantly reduced, and the maximum packet loss rate is no more than 1%.

CONCLUSION: The proposed detection system for remote medical video based on wireless sensor network can better meet the requirements of region tamper detection.


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