Vehicle counting application utilizing background subtraction method with large-scale camera data


  • Mien Puoc Doan Tra Vinh University image/svg+xml
  • Vu The Tran University of Da Nang image/svg+xml
  • Sy Ngo Van Vietnam Research Institute of Electronics, Informatics and Automation



Large-scale camera, background subtraction, Da Nang City


In modern society, people are increasingly using cameras at home, in shops, and on the streets. Traffic systems have also invested in building more surveillance camera systems. The data collected by cameras contains valuable information for traffic regulation and recording traffic violations. The challenge is how to effectively use this data. In this article, we will discuss the use of real-time data from surveillance cameras on some roads in Da Nang City for vehicle counting using background subtraction methods. Additionally, we also tested the detection of red light violations to contribute to the development of a smart traffic system. So, the use of background subtraction in analyzing real-time data from surveillance cameras can greatly improve traffic management


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