Design of civil aviation security check passenger identification system based on residual convolution network


  • Ning Zhang Guangzhou Civil Aviation College, Guangzhou, China
  • Youcheng Liang Guangzhou Civil Aviation College, Guangzhou, China
  • Loknath Sai Ambati Indiana University image/svg+xml



Residual convolution network, Civil aviation security check, Passenger identification, System design, A transmission control unit, Image acquisition module


INTRODUCTION: A civil aviation security check passenger identification system based on residual convolution network is designed to improve the efficiency of airport passenger security check service.

OBJECTIVES: The system uses the basic resource layer to provide communication and configuration services, collects the basic information of passengers, the images of passengers' faces and whole body, and the images of baggage security X-ray machine through the data layer, and stores the collected results in the unstructured database;

METHODS: The image processing module of the business service layer calls the data in the database, and takes the STM32F103VBT6 microprocessor as the image processing control chip to complete the image data processing. The person, baggage, X-ray machine image and passenger basic information are associated through the person, baggage and X-ray machine information binding service module, and the association results are uploaded to the person and certificates integration unit of the client application layer.

RESULTS: The face recognition module identifies the passenger identity through the residual convolution network with the attention mechanism, and realizes the ReID identification of passengers and baggage and the association of people and baggage through the transmission control unit.

CONCLUSION: The experimental results show that the system can accurately identify the identity of civil aviation security passengers, and the identification efficiency of security passengers can reach more than 27 frames per second.


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