Modified Rijndael Algorithm for Resource-Constrained IoT-Based Wireless Sensor Networks

IoT-Based Wireless Sensor Networks


  • Mohammad Sirajuddin Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University image/svg+xml
  • Dr. B. Sateesh Kumar Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University, Hyderabad image/svg+xml



modified rijndael algorithm, lightweight cryptography, IoT security, MRA


INTRODUCTION: IoT devices are small, have limited battery and computing capabilities, and cannot tolerate complex encryption.

OBJECTIVES: Many encryption algorithms struggle to strike a balance between security and complexity. Increasing the level of security necessitates increasing complexity, which leads to higher encryption and decryption times. This research aims to provide a novel encryption method, Modified Rijndael Algorithm that balances security and complexity.

METHODS: The classic Rijndael encryption technique has been modified to make it lighter and more secure, suitable for resource-constrained IoT devices.

RESULTS: These modifications include adding the novel pre-processing step SISA-Crossover based on the two-point crossover operation of genetic algorithms, removing the Sub Byte step, changing the shift column phase, and decreasing the rounds.

CONCLUSION: The proposed technique provides speed and higher security in encryption and decryption, increasing efficiency and randomness while reducing encryption and decryption times by 21.06% and CPU consumption by 13.2% compared to the traditional method.


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