Practical Application of Big Data Statistical Analysis Method for Enterprise Economic Management in Digital Era


  • Jian Gao School of Humanities and management
  • Hui Yang Hospital Office of Shaanxi Normal University, Xi’an 710300, Shaanxi, China



enterprise development, economic management, digital era, extensive data statistical analysis method


INTRODUCTION: Today's world has entered the digital era, and big data is flooding people's lives, with more industry development and big data between the deep connections. Digital technology, as a representative of advanced technology globally, influences the global economic pattern. In the digital era and the background of rapid economic growth, there is a deeper integration between economics and management. Financial management work occupies an essential position in the development of enterprises and has an irreplaceable role in improving the economic efficiency of enterprises.

OBJECTIVES: Relying on digital technology under the extensive data statistical analysis method combines the advantages of big data technology and statistics. Its application for enterprise economic management can explore the law of enterprise management and operation to promote the improvement of management efficiency and the healthy development of enterprises.

METHODS: In the context of the digital era, the six representative methods of extensive data statistical analysis methods are introduced, and then their practical application in enterprise economic management is studied, respectively, from five aspects to discuss the application of extensive data statistical analysis methods for enterprise financial management.

RESULTS: Big data statistical analysis can provide information support for improving the level of enterprise economic management, promote the benign development of enterprises, and enhance the competitiveness of enterprises in the market.

CONCLUSION: To strengthen the application of extensive data statistical analysis methods in enterprise economic management, its insights and measures that can provide valuable reference and help for the healthy development of enterprises.


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