Research on the application of data mining algorithm in photojournalism and short video communication




photojournalism, data mining algorithms, short videos, video dissemination


Short films and photojournalism are crucial parts of video communication, yet there are issues including poor video integration, inconsistency between short videos and photojournalism, and slow communication speed. In order to evaluate and analyse video communication, this research offers a data mining algorithm. First, the database's images and videos are chosen and analysed using a mining algorithm, and then the indicators are reduced by dividing them into groups based on the specifications for video dissemination. video transmission distractions. The mining algorithm then analyses the video propagation, creates a plan that satisfies the criteria, and refines the plans that satisfies the criteria. Analyse. The integration level, timeliness, and compliance rate of data mining algorithms for video propagation are superior to traditional video dissemination method under specific analysis criteria, according to MATLAB simulation.


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