Improving Mobile Ad hoc Networks through an investigation of AODV, DSR, and MP-OLSR Routing Protocols


  • Hameed Khan Jabalpur Engineering College
  • Kamal K Kushwah Jabalpur Engineering College
  • Jitendra S Thakur Jabalpur Engineering College
  • Gireesh G Soni Shri G S Institute of Technology and Science
  • Abhishek Tripathi Kalasalingam Academy of Research and Education image/svg+xml



Mobile Ad Hoc Networks, Quality of Service, Routing Protocols, Performance Metrics, Simulation Parameters



Mobile Ad Hoc Networks (MANETs) pose a dynamically organized wireless network, posing a challenge to establishing quality of service (QoS) due to limitations in bandwidth and the ever-changing network topology. These networks are created by assembling nodes systematically, lacking a central infrastructure, and dynamically linking devices such as mobile phones and tablets. Nodes employ diverse methods for service delivery, all while giving priority to network performance. The effectiveness of protocols is crucial in determining the most efficient paths between source and destination nodes, ensuring the timely delivery of messages. Collaborative agreements with MANETs improve accessibility, allow for partial packet delivery and manage network load, ultimately minimizing delays and contributing to exceptional carrier performance. This article conducts a comparative analysis of simulation parameters for AODV, DSR, and MP-OLSR protocols to explore QoS limitations associated with different routing protocols. The study primarily focuses on evaluating various quality metrics for service improvement, assessing protocol performance. Simulation results underscore the DSR protocol's 80% superior throughput compared to AODV and MP-OLSR. However, in terms of delay and packet delivery ratio, the hybrid protocol outperforms both AODV and DSR protocols. These findings provide a distinct perspective for testing the compliance services of MANETs.


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