Forecasting Diabetes Correlated Non-alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease by Exploiting Naïve Bayes Tree


  • Shiva Shankar Reddy Biju Patnaik University of Technology image/svg+xml
  • Nilambar Sethi GIET University image/svg+xml
  • R. Rajender LENDI Engineering College, Vizianagaram, India
  • Gadiraju Mahesh SRKR Engineering College, Bhimavaram, India



Non-alcoholic fatty liver, diabetes mellitus, ensemble techniques, naive bayes, C4.5 decision tree, bagging, random forest, ada-boost, NB tree, accuracy, detection rate, NPV, FNR and FPR, diabetes mellitus (DM)


INTRODUCTION: In recent years, non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD) has been identified as the most vulnerable chronic disease. Fat is accumulated in the liver cells of persons with NAFLD. Diabetes is the most common ailment among people of all ages, so it is critical to recognize and prevent its adverse effects.

OBJECTIVES: A relevant dataset with appropriate features was selected. Ensemble algorithms were applied for the prediction task, and finally, the method with the best performance was extracted.

METHODS: In addition to Ensemble approaches namely bagging, Random forest and Ada-boost, individual classifiers Naive Bayes (NB) and C4.5 Decision tree were considered. These ML techniques were compared with the proposed NB tree algorithm, a combination of C4.5 and Naive Bayes.

RESULTS: The following evaluation parameters were computed for each analyzed algorithm: accuracy, detection rate, negative predictive value (NPV), false negative rate (FNR), and false positive rate (FPR). The algorithms are then compared based on these metrics to determine the best algorithm. The NB tree was obtained to be the best method with 97.55% accuracy, 0.4853 detection rate, 0.9615 NPV, 0.0388 FNR, and 0.0099 FPR.

CONCLUSION: The NB tree outperformed individual Naive bayes and C4.5 classifiers, and the other techniques studied. The developed algorithm could be applied in NAFLD-related research.


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