About the Journal

The aim of EAI Endorsed Transactions on Sustainable Manufacturing and Renewable Energy is to serve as an advanced forum for researchers, scholars, practitioners, and policymakers to disseminate cutting-edge research and advancements in sustainable manufacturing and renewable energy. This journal focuses on interdisciplinary collaboration and provides insights into sustainable practices, technologies, and methodologies that contribute to the global transition towards environmentally responsible manufacturing and energy systems.

The goal of EAI Endorsed Transactions on Sustainable Manufacturing and Renewable Energy is to explore how advanced technologies and innovative methods can be integrated to address real-world engineering problems and challenges for sustainable manufacturing and renewable energy. This journal welcomes submissions that present the opportunities offered by combining the existing techniques with the knowledge of experts in the related fields.

Submissions on a variety of sustainable manufacturing and renewable energy-related topics will be considered including the following (not limited to):

Section 1: Sustainable supply chain and logistics

  • Optimization and closed-loop manufacturing systems
  • Sustainable supply chain management and green logistics
  • Metrics, measurement, and sustainable procurement

Section 2: Materials science for sustainable manufacturing

  • Sustainable packaging and materials innovation
  • Green Materials, innovative materials, and Functional materials

Section 3: Smart Manufacturing and Sustainability

  • Robotics and modern manufacturing
  • Artificial intelligence and applications
  • Vision-based technologies and applications

Section 4: Data and Sustainable Computing

  • Digitalization and Industry 4.0 for sustainable manufacturing
  • Internet of Things (IoT) for energy monitoring and management in sustainable manufacturing
  • Big data analysis and Cybersecurity

Section 5: Advanced material processing and additive manufacturing

  • Additive manufacturing for sustainable and efficient material production
  • Advanced materials characterization and process monitoring for sustainability and efficiency optimization
  • Materials processing technology for sustainable manufacturing
  • Metal forming, casting and welding for sustainable manufacturing

Section 6: Earth Sciences, Mining and Sustainable Environment

  • Biodiversity
  • Mineral Resources
  • Petroleum and Geosystems Engineering
  • Soil science, Land use, and water resources
  • Climate Change and Natural Disaster

Section 7: Renewable energy and sustainable conversion

  • Wind, solar, geothermal, ocean and hydrogen
  • LNG power, biomass and waste-to-energy
  • New and Renewable Energy
  • Low carbon technologies and circular economy
  • Carbon capture, utilization, and storage (CCUS)
  • Sustainable Technologies for Energy Conversion
  • Energy Management, Policy, Economics and Sustainability

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