An AI-Enabled Blockchain Algorithm: A Novel Approach to Counteract Blockchain Network Security Attacks


  • Anand Singh Rajawat Sandip University
  • S B Goyal City University
  • Manoj Kumar University of Wollongong in Dubai image/svg+xml
  • Thipendra P Singh Bennett University image/svg+xml



Blockchain, Deep Learning, AI, Security, Advanced Threats, Neural Networks, Cybersecurity


INTRODUCTION: In this research, we present a novel method for strengthening the security of blockchain networks through the use of AI-driven technology. Blockchain has emerged as a game-changing technology across industries, but its security flaws, particularly in relation to Sybil and Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks, are a major cause for worry. To defend the blockchain from these sophisticated attacks, our research centres on creating a strong security solution that combines networks of Long Short-Term Memory (LSTM) and Self-Organizing Maps (SOM).

OBJECTIVES: The main goal of this project is to create and test an AI-driven blockchain algorithm that enhances blockchain security by utilising LSTM and SOM networks. These are the objectives that the research hopes to achieve: In order to assess the shortcomings and weaknesses of existing blockchain security mechanisms. The goal is to create a new approach that uses LSTM sequence learning and SOM pattern recognition to anticipate and stop security breaches. In order to see how well this integrated strategy works in a simulated blockchain setting against different types of security risks.

METHODS: The methods used in our study are based on social network analysis. A combination of support vector machines (SOM) for pattern recognition and long short-term memory (LSTM) networks for learning and event sequence prediction using historical data constitutes the methodology. The steps involved in conducting research are: The current state of blockchain security mechanisms is examined in detail. Creating a virtual blockchain and incorporating the SOM+LSTM algorithm.

Putting the algorithm through its paces in order to see how well it detects and defends against different security risks.

RESULTS: Significant enhancements to blockchain network security are the primary outcomes of this study. Important results consist of: Using the SOM+LSTM technique, we were able to increase the detection rates of possible security risks, such as Sybil and DDoS attacks. Enhanced reaction times when compared to conventional security techniques for attack prediction and prevention. Demonstrated ability of the algorithm to adapt and learn from new patterns of attacks, assuring long-term sustainability.

CONCLUSION: This paper's findings highlight the efficacy of enhancing blockchain security through the integration of artificial intelligence technologies such as LSTM and SOM networks. In addition to improving blockchain technology's detection and forecasting capabilities, the SOM+LSTM algorithm helps advance the platform toward greater security and reliability. This study provides a solid answer to the increasing worries about cyber dangers in the modern era and opens the door to more sophisticated AI uses in blockchain security.


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