Leveraging AI and Blockchain for Privacy Preservation and Security in Fog Computing





Artificial Intelligence, Fog computing, Privacy Preservation Model, Cloud Computing


INTRODUCTION: Cloud computing's offshoot, fog computing, moves crucial data storage, processing, and networking capabilities closer to the people who need them. There are certain advantages, such improved efficiency and lower latency, but there are also some major privacy and security concerns. For these reasons, this article presents a new paradigm for fog computing that makes use of blockchain and Artificial Intelligence (AI).

OBJECTIVES: The main goal of this research is to create and assess a thorough framework for fog computing that incorporates AI and blockchain technology. With an emphasis on protecting the privacy and integrity of data transactions and streamlining the management of massive amounts of data, this project seeks to improve the security and privacy of Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) systems that are cloud-based.

METHODS: Social network analysis methods are utilised in this study. The efficiency and accuracy of data processing in fog computing are guaranteed by the application of artificial intelligence, most especially Support Vector Machine (SVM), due to its resilience in classification and regression tasks. The network's security and reliability are enhanced by incorporating blockchain technology, which creates a decentralised system that is tamper resistant. To make users' data more private, zero-knowledge proof techniques are used to confirm ownership of data without actually disclosing it.

 RESULTS: When applied to fog computing data, the suggested approach achieves a remarkable classification accuracy of 99.8 percent. While the consensus decision-making process of the blockchain guarantees trustworthy and secure operations, the support vector machine (SVM) efficiently handles massive data analyses. Even in delicate situations, the zero-knowledge proof techniques manage to keep data private. When these technologies are integrated into the fog computing ecosystem, the chances of data breaches and illegal access are greatly reduced.

CONCLUSION: Fog computing, which combines AI with blockchain, offers a powerful answer to the privacy and security issues with cloud centric IIoT systems. Combining SVM with AI makes data processing more efficient, while blockchain's decentralised and immutable properties make it a strong security measure. Additional security for user privacy is provided via zero-knowledge proofs. Improving the privacy and security of fog computing networks has never been easier than with this novel method.


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