An overview of the applications of Artificial Intelligence in Cybersecurity




Artificial Intelligence (AI), Cyber-attack, Deep learning, Cybersecurity, Intrusion Detection, Machine learning


The rates at which cyber-attacks are performed have made the cybersecurity unprotected and make it impossible for the security experts to evaluate and combat every new type of cyber-attack. Today's digital age necessarily requires the protection of a vast amount of valuable electronic data from cyber-attacks. Cyber-attacks can destroy the reputation of organizations even shutdown organizations. The protection of cybersecurity is inevitable. In this paper, we have highlighted the potential applications of AI in cybersecurity. Artificial intelligence has advanced to the point where it has surpassed human performance in tasks like data analytics. This study was carried out using systematic literature review; the relevant literature was collected from google scholar, research gate, science direct, IEEE Xplore, Digital Library and Microsoft academic search engines and databases. Our study resulted that AI applications in cybersecurity have many advantages than disadvantages. AI-based applications of cybersecurity can improve the security of cyberspace. This is evidenced by the rising of AI engines in computer security rather than traditional scanning engines.




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