The future of Artificial Intelligence in Cybersecurity: A Comprehensive Survey




AI, Cybersecurity, ML, DL


AI in Cybersecurity Market scheme helps organizations in observance, detecting, reporting, and countering cyber threats to keep up information confidentiality. The increasing awareness among folks, advancements in info technology, up-gradation of intelligence and police work solutions, and increasing volume of knowledge gathered from numerous sources have demanded the utilization of reliable and improved cybersecurity solutions all told industries. The increase in the incidence and quality of cyber-attacks is driving AI-enabled cyber systems. Increasing incidents of huge cyber-attacks globally have created awareness among organizations for securing their information. The motive behind these cyber-criminals are political competition, competitors move for gain and harming the name of others, international information theft, and radical non-secular cluster interest. Most cyber-attacks are for gain. In this review we have presented some previous studies related to Cybersecurity which involves AI.




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