Climate change and its impact on the population of Northern Lima




Climate Impact, Climate Change, Environmental Health


Introduction: The impact caused by climate change at present presents a high risk in the health field with consequences in the social and environmental fields. For example, there has been an increase in illnesses and social concern due to the lack of information among citizens.

Aim: This study seeks to explain why climate change is having an impact on the population of Puente Piedra.

Methods: The research is explanatory and quantitative. For this reason, a survey was used to find out how informed citizens are about this issue and thus be able to describe the impact on health and recognize the effects on the social and environmental surroundings.

Results: The survey showed the lack of knowledge of citizens on the subject, concern about the increase in temperatures and lack of awareness to take action and address this problem.

Conclusions: It is suggested to carry out more studies taking the other cones of the capital as references to obtain better information at regional level.


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