Smart Control Strategy for Adaptive Management of Islanded Hybrid Microgrids




PV, Battery Pack, ANN, microgrids, control strategy, Fuel cell


This research paper presents a smart power control approach specifically designed for an independent microgrid. The proposed hybrid system consists of various crucial components, including a PV array, super capacitor, DC bus, battery bank, and AC bus working together to generate and store electricity within the microgrid. To address the challenges arising from random fluctuations in ecological parameters and changes in load demand, a supervisory controller is developed to enhance the standalone hybrid microgrid. This allows for optimized power management within the micro grid. The Liebenberg Marquardt algorithm is used to retrieve the trained ANN machine. The two and three hidden layered ANN machines have 96% accuracy on an average, whereas the single-layer ANN machine have poor predictive ability. The proposed model is implemented and analysed using MATLAB/Simulink. The observed results from the simulation experiments validate the effectiveness of integrating available resources in ensuring the resilience and reliability of microgrids.


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