Design of 5G-oriented patch antennas, a comprehensive survey




5G mobile communication, circular polarization, microstrip antenna arrays, patch antennas


With the advent of 5G, higher speeds, more connected users and lower latency are required. To accomplish such goals, new antennas compatible with 5G technology are necessary. Patch antennas, being made of resistant and cheap materials, easy to mass-produce and low profile, represent a solid candidate for deployment in a 5G scenario. This paper aims to serve as a comprehensive guide for designing an antenna using microstrip technology, oriented to provide 5G services. This paper proposes a top-down approach, explaining first the general concepts and orienting the study towards more specific subjects. The topics discussed are the underlying technologies of 5G, patch antennas, circular polarization and array theory. Each topic provides an explanation of its fundamental principles, with an approach intended to be comprehensive instead of technical, and focusing towards giving practical design considerations for a 5G-oriented antenna.


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M. Mongi, J. Giacri, E. Tardivo, N. Veglia, and F. Aguirre, “Design of 5G-oriented patch antennas, a comprehensive survey”, EAI Endorsed Trans Mob Com Appl, vol. 6, no. 18, p. e4, Mar. 2021.