Determining Interdependencies among NFRs in Agile Environment to Reduce Conflicts




Non-Functional Requirements, Agile Methodology


NFRs play a very key role in the development of high quality software. As NFRs are quality attributes of the software system, so it must be dealt properly and with care in the early phases of software development otherwise it will lead the system to failure or dismissal of quality requirement at later phases. NFRs have a very unique ability to conflict and contradict among themselves. And the main reason behind this ability of NFRs is interdependency, which should be found and dealt properly in order to avoid requirement dismissal. Agile methodologies only focus on functional requirements but neglects non-functional requirements. In this work, we identified and highlighted all the possible dependencies between different NFRs in agile environment. In addition we also proposed a specific framework to cope up with the identified dependencies between NFRs.


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J. Ali, M. S. Shoukat, and M. Faisal, “Determining Interdependencies among NFRs in Agile Environment to Reduce Conflicts”, EAI Endorsed Trans Mob Com Appl, vol. 4, no. 13, p. e3, Mar. 2018.