Guaranteed Delivery in k-Anycast Routing in Multi-SinkWireless Networks




In k-anycasting, a sensor wants to report event information to any k sinks in the network. In this paper, we describe KanGuRou, the first position-based energy efficient k-anycast routing which guarantees the packet delivery to k sinks as long as the connected component that contains s also contains at least k sinks. A node s running KanGuRou first computes a tree including k sinks with weight as low as possible. If this tree has m ≥ 1 edges originated at node s, s duplicates the message m times and runs m times KanGuRou over a subset of defined sinks. We present two variants of KanGuRou, each of them being more efficient than the other depending of application settings. Simulation results show that KanGuRou allows up to 62% of energy saving compared to plain anycasting.


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N. Mitton, D. Simplot-Ryl, and J. Zheng, “Guaranteed Delivery in k-Anycast Routing in Multi-SinkWireless Networks”, EAI Endorsed Trans Mob Com Appl, vol. 1, no. 3, p. e1, Dec. 2013.