Online Algorithms for Adaptive Optimization in Heterogeneous Delay Tolerant Networks




Delay Tolerant Networks (DTNs) are an emerging type of networks which do not need a predefined infrastructure. In fact, data forwarding in DTNs relies on the contacts among nodes which may possess different features, radio range, battery consumption and radio interfaces. On the other hand, efficient message delivery under limited resources, e.g., battery or storage, requires to optimize forwarding policies. We tackle optimal forwarding control for a DTN composed of nodes of different types, forming a so-called heterogeneous network. Using our model, we characterize the optimal policies and provide a suitable framework to design a new class of multi-dimensional stochastic approximation algorithms working for heterogeneous DTNs. Crucially, our proposed algorithms drive online the source node to the optimal operating point without requiring explicit estimation of network parameters. A thorough analysis of the convergence properties and stability of our algorithms is presented.


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W. Chahin, F. D. Pellegrini, R. El-Azouzi, and A. P. Azad, “Online Algorithms for Adaptive Optimization in Heterogeneous Delay Tolerant Networks”, EAI Endorsed Trans Mob Com Appl, vol. 1, no. 3, p. e5, Dec. 2013.