Centralized multicasting AODV routing protocol optimized for intermittent cognitive radio ad hoc networks

Multicasting AODV routing in intermittent cognitive radio ad hoc networks





Ad Hoc Networks, Cognitive radio networks, Intermittent Networks, Primary Users, Secondary Users, Spectrum Scarcity


The advancement of wireless technology is affected by Spectrum scarcity and the overcrowding of free spectrum. Cognitive Radio Ad Hoc Networks (CRAHNs) have emerged as a possible solution to both the scarcity and overcrowding challenges of the spectrum. The CRAHNs ensure that the Secondary Users (SUs) do co-exist with Primary Users (PUs) in a non-interfering manner. The SUs access the licensed spectrum opportunistically when they are idle. CRAHNs have many use cases which include intermittent networks here referred to as intermittent CRAHNs (ICRAHNs). For example, the Military (MCRAHNs). MCRAHN is complex and characterized by a dynamic topology which is subject to frequent partitioning and route breakages due to attacks and destruction in combat. This study optimizes the routing protocols for intermittent networks such as the MCRAHNs. ICRAHN routing is a challenge due to the network’s intermittent attribute, which is subject to destruction in the case of MCRAHN which is characterized by frequent link breakages. To better understand the routing in this network scenario, this paper presents two analytic models for the AODV and MAODV protocols based on queuing theory. The analytic models simulate unicast and multicast AODV in terms of factors such as queuing delay, throughput, and network scalability. Numerical analysis shows that MAODV outperforms AODV. Furthermore, the suggested routing protocols' performance was tested using network simulations utilizing the following metrics: throughput, Routing Path delay, Node Relay delay, and Spectrum Mobility delay. The simulation findings suggest that the MAODV protocol outperforms the AODV protocol.


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