Intelligent Reflecting Surface for Industrial IoT Networks


Recently, industrial IoT networks have been widely applied in many scenarios such as smart cities, industrial internet of things, and smart community. To support the application and development of multi-hop information systems, many wireless communication techniques have been proposed by researchers from academia and industry to enhance communication quality and meanwhile reduce the energy consumption of information transmission. The intelligent reflecting surface is shown as one of the most promising techniques to support industrial IoT networks, whereas the wireless propagation environment can be intelligently reconfigured by integrating a large number of low-cost reflective elements on the plane, so as to significantly improve the performance of wireless communication. The research and development of intelligent reflecting surfaces have become a hot topic in the area of wireless communication and mobile computing.

However, several critical challenges still exist in the research and development of intelligent reflecting surfaces for industrial IoT networks. One challenge is the complicated performance evaluation, due to the many reflective elements in the system. Hence, an intelligent approach should be developed to perform the performance evaluation for industrial IoT networks. One more challenge is the system design of intelligent reflecting surfaces, whereas traditional communication techniques such as MIMO, OFDM, UAV, and caching should be incorporated into an intelligent approach. Another challenge is system resource management, where the spatial dimension enlarged by a large number of reflective elements should be intelligently exploited by some intelligent algorithms such as deep learning and federated learning.


Potential topics include but are not limited to the following:

  • Intelligent reflecting surface techniques
  • Intelligent performance evaluation of industrial IoT networks
  • Advanced resource management of industrial IoT networks
  • Intelligent reflecting surface with OFDM
  • Intelligent reflecting surface with UAV
  • Intelligent reflecting surface with caching
  • Security of the intelligent reflecting surface
  • Industrial internet of things, smart cities
  • Deep learning, federated learning
  • Element design for the intelligent reflecting surface
  • Intelligent reflecting surface with mobile computing
  • Implementation and applications of the intelligent reflecting surface


  • Manuscript submission deadline: Dec-30-2022
  • Notification of acceptance: Jan-31-2023
  • Submission of final revised paper: Feb-30-2022
  • Publication of special issue (tentative): March-1-2023

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